The Land of Forgotten Projects

26 Feb

This is a bit of an odd post, especially after such a long hiatus but whilst walking home today I started having this germ of an idea, within minutes I was convinced I had this great arty, existential, project that would be awesome and cool… and then I remembered that I’ve gone down this road before…

Many times before in fact…

I am the kind of person who has ‘amazing ideas’ for ‘awesome arty projects’ and then never ever follows them through. After really thinking about the logistics, the time, the reality, well I just can never muster the energy to do them. So, rather than just let this idea ebb away, I thought I would record it here. Not just that, I thought I’d list 3 ‘awesome’ ideas I’ve had but never actually done anything about.

The reason for doing this? Partly because I feel sorry for all these little ideas that never get born; this is a way to give them a place to exist. Also as an impetus to actually do some of them by holding them up to public scrutiny. And finally, because I think they’re cool! They’re waaaaay pretentious, yeah, BUT COOL!

1. I found this T-shirt…

So, this was today’s proto-project. The premise is to get 100 T-shirts printed. Plain white T-shirts with text on the front. Each would be left randomly around a city, indoors and out, left to be taken by strangers. Each would read ‘I found this T-shirt’ and then where the T-shirt was left. For example, ‘I found this T-shirt whilst buying coffee’ in a local coffeshop, ‘I found this T-shirt whilst learning about dinosaurs’ in a Museum and ‘I found this T-shirt in the library’ in, well you guessed it, the library. The reason I would do this? Well, that’s a little difficult. I like the idea about starting something, creating something that will mystify people and doing something that will brighten people’s days. After finding these T-shirts people would wonder who created them and why? Yup, it’s pretty egocentric but I like the idea of starting a mini-cult, something people might talk about on the internet. Who knows, maybe ‘finders’ would try and track down other T-shirt wearers. I know that if I found a ‘mystery’ T-shirt whilst out and about I would think it was pretty awesome, I’d treasure it.

2. OneTwoKnow

When I moved to the US I had this idea for a project to keep me occupied before I could work. I wanted to create a website called OneTwoKnow where people could submit videos. The videos would all be about things that people ‘know’, things they’re an expert on. Starting among my friends I would get my mates to help me make videos on things they are passionate about and experienced in. The idea would be that ‘experts’ would write a brief script or record a voice over for a video to be created by someone artistic or creative. Therefore all videos would be short, concise and visually entertaining. Think a sockpuppet explanation for string theory, stop motion outline of the history of the European Union or stoicism illustrated using youtube videos of cats. I think the idea came from watching videos on I love the idea of having hundred of fun, inventive, bitesize factoids instantly accessible. A bit like a simplified video-wikipedia. This never really came to be because 1. I can’t create websites 2. I was too lazy to teach myself and 3. I could not motivate myself to do much more than watch Netflix when I first got here.

3. Letters on the Tube

Similar to the T-short project, this one is perhaps even more egoistic. I wanted to write letters to strangers. I would introduce myself, write secrets that I’d never told anyone, talk about my worries, doodle pictures. These letters I would then leave on the London Underground (the Tube) simply entitled ‘Read Me’. The reason? Well, it’s all a bit wanky-selfloving-pseudoexistential… but I guess it’s all to do with fearing death, wanting to be remembered, wanting to leave something behind and wanting to make an impact on people blahblahblah. I like the idea that people would read these letters, wonder who wrote them. I know that when I am moved by a stranger, connect with someone I’ve never met, it always gives me a thrill.

So there you go, not sure why this post felt so important to write… it just did. Aaaaaaand, that’s it! Something a bit more readable and accessible soon… promise.


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