Mom and Pop

20 Aug


So, mum and dad are currently hurtling across the sky somewhere over the Atlantic in a small metal box (Planes… hmmm… I’m still sceptical…) and are due to arrive in Denver late this evening. They’re here for the next 11 days and so it is my duty to show them a good time, give them a feel for the ‘REAL’ midwest and be an alround awesome long-distance son. No small feat! (SIDENOTE: Had to look up how to spell ‘feat’, 20 minutes later ended up on a wikipedia page on Boba Fett. When you’re an inquisitive but dyslexic nerd the internet is a dangerous labyrinth indeed!) So, here are some of the things I’ve planned to do.

1. Banjo Billy Bus tour of Denver

I’ve seen this around downtown and it looks mental! Basically a rickety bus, with a crazy guy with a banjo shouting facts sbout the city. Normally I wouldn’t go in for the whole ‘tour bus’ routine but this seemed just weird enough to be entertaining. “Hear ghost tales, crime stories, and history while sitting on a couch, recliner or saddle as the bus rolls through the core of the city”. Here’s hoping my parents can leave their British cynicism behind… otherwise this could be excruciatingly awful…


2. Waterworld! (Sans Kein Costner… actually you know what, hands up, I liked that film)

So this is honestly one of my favourite places in the whole of Denver, plus I have a season pass so it’s cheap. This could be a bit hit and miss, mum and dad aren’t exactly the extreme waterslide types. (I have this terrible image of my dad going down ‘Flat Line’ and only his swimming trunks coming out the other end…) Still, we used to go to a small waterpark in Greece all the time and I know mum and dad loved the lazy river. Also the Burittos are really really good! So I think as long as we can get a nice spot by the pool (shade for dad, blazing sunshine for mum) I think it could be great. Fingers crossed I don’t kill my parents…


3. Drive to Wyoming

So I’m trying to tick as many states off as possible whilst I’m here, here’s my (depressingly empty) map so far


So it makes sense to get all the adjoining states to Colorado in the bag, we’ve already done New Mexico. Wyoming is the next one on the list. Therefore a 2 hour drive should get us to Cheyenne… of which I know absolutely nothing. When I have told Denver locals that I’m taking my parents to Wyoming the general response has been ‘Why?’ and ‘Do your parents like wheat fields or something?’. Oh well, that’s what everyone said about South Park, that there was nothing there worth seeing, and that turned out to be AWESOME! Anyway, even if Cheyenne turns out to be really dull I think it will be cool for my parents to see more than one state during their trip. (If anyone knows what’s good in Cheyenne drop me a comment please)

4. Trip to a dive bar

So I had never heard of a ‘dive bar’ before coming to the US but it basically means a small, intimate, cheap and rather eccentric liquor bar. The kind of place where the more colourful local characters hang out. My favourite is called ‘Nob Hill’ (snigger) on Colfax Avenue. The bartender is always friendly and full of sexist/racist jokes, plus they serve my favourite brand of Whiskey. I think dad will like the idea of drinking in a ‘proper’ midwestern bar and I think mum will love being chatted up by the locals! And if they’re up for it I might drag them both to Charlies (a gay cowboy bar) and get them linedancing… if this happens the photos WILL be on facebook!


5. Boulder

So with a name like Sacha and with a sister called Sunshine you might guess the kind of people my parents were back in the 60’s/70’s. So, whilst neither of my parents sport dreads and (thankfully) they’re not you’re archetypal hippy parents I really think they’d get a kick out of Boulder. For those who don’t know Boulder is a smallish town outside Denver that is known for being a hippy eco haven. There is, I hear, a sign as you leave Boulder which reads  ‘Now re-entering reality’. I’ve been to Boulder a couple of times and to be honest the whole gaia-earthmother-hippy-potsmoking-rainbow-faery thing is all a bit put on, all the same it does remind me a little of Camden Town in London (where I grew up) so I think mum and dad will like it. Other than looking at the shops and drinking chai lattes I’m not really sure what to do with them. Any suggestions?

6. Eat Bullock Bollocks

Yeah you read that right. So since moving here I’ve wanted to go to the infamous Buckhorn Exchange in Denver. At this rather pricey restaurant you can eat pretty much anything that once had a heart beat. From alligator steaks to moose burgers. Not only this they have a speciality called ‘prairie oysters’. Remember, Colorado is landlocked… yup, these ‘oysters’ are deep-fried bull’s testicles. We’ll see just how adventurous mum and dad feel. I know I’m game!


Audience participation time please: So have I missed anything else? To those people from Colroado what have I neglected? What do you do when your mum and dad come to visit? To those Brits reading this, what would YOU want to do if you came to Colorado? What would your Denver bucket list look like?


5 Responses to “Mom and Pop”

  1. Sarah August 20, 2012 at 8:07 pm #

    Take your parents up flagstaff when you are visiting Boulder, basically you just go up Baseline forever, until you find a good place to stop and take in the view. Get ice cream at Glacier, there’s one off of baseline. Go to Pearl Street Mall, visit the celestial seasonings tea factory and take the tour.

    • commandpluszed August 20, 2012 at 8:10 pm #

      Cheers! That sounds perfect. Are there any particularly good restaurants, somewhere we could get lunch in suitably psychadelic surrounds?

      • Terryn August 20, 2012 at 9:59 pm #

        My favorite is the Dushanbe tea house.

  2. Abbi August 28, 2012 at 1:09 pm #

    Your parents sound a lot more easy-going than my dad and stepmother… see recent Scotland blogs… looking forward to reading the post trip debrief.

    Also this could be my husband’s personal motto: “When you’re an inquisitive but dyslexic nerd the internet is a dangerous labyrinth indeed!”

    • Maribeth May 14, 2017 at 11:03 am #

      Merci Sophie d'avoir proposé de m&ini;#3v9ter à l'agence de comm mais samedi matin, je bosse.Et ce samedi là ce fut le cœur plein de regrets de ne pas pu être avec vous tous à ce cours.

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